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Hello, my name is Chad Larson and I’m the founder of FootballRedZone.com. I’m an entrepreneur, husband and father from Chicago, IL.  Growing up in this great city has helped me develop a passion for all sports but most specifically football and the Chicago Bears.  My passion and love for football has grown throughout the years and specifically 12 years ago when I joined my first Fantasy Football League.  Since then I have played in multiple Leagues and won 4 Fantasy Football League Championships.

We have found a great deal of information in the marketplace for Fantasy Football news and updates but there is not any information about how to Play and Win your Fantasy Football League.  This is why FootballRedZone.com was created.

FootballRedZone.com provides fans with inside access to breaking news, updates, and reports on NCAA and NFL Football.  Many of our NFL Football Fans have a huge passion for Fantasy Football so we help with this by offering all Members access to a special course that will teach you how to play and WIN your Fantasy Football League.

Fantasy Football has grown exponentially over the years and according to Wikipedia there will be over 19 Million people playing Fantasy Football this year.  My goal is to help FootballRedZone.com members DOMINATE their Fantasy Football Leagues so sign up for our Newsletter and receive my FREE Fantasy Football course.  It doesn’t matter if you are a Fantasy Football Veteran or a Newbie this course will help you WIN.  Click on the link now to sign up and start WINNING.

We encourage our members to share their opinions with us on the FootballRedZone.com site and share their favorite content with others via Social Media.






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