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Ezekiel Elliott’s potential suspension reportedly will be ‘closer to’ six games

The Dallas Cowboys are still awaiting a ruling on a possible suspension for running back Ezekiel Elliott, who has been under investigation for alleged incidents of domestic violence for over a year. A ruling is expected to be handed down soon (possibly as soon as Friday), and according to a report from NFL Network, the Cowboys should be ready for Elliott to receive a long ban. 

Six games is the mandated punishment under the NFL’s domestic violence policy, but a suspension can deviate from that number based on mitigating or aggravating circumstances. 

Elliott has not been charged with any crimes by the Columbus city attorney in connection with the domestic violence alleged by a former girlfriend, but the investigating attorney did state last year that he felt there was a series of incidents involving violence  between Elliott and the accuser, according to USA Today. The league has been conducting its own investigation outside of the formal legal system, and the NFL world has been waiting with bated breath for the ruling. 

The Cowboys and Elliott have been steadfast in their insistence that Elliott did nothing wrong and will not be suspended, but the rest of the NFL ecosystem seems to agree that some form of ban is coming his way (this includes the betting markets). Elliott reserves the right to appeal any suspension, but NFL commissioner Roger Goodell would hear the appeal unless he recuses himself, so it seems unlikely that any ban would be overturned entirely. Elliott could take the case to court, a la Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in Deflategate, but that would drag the situation out even further.