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Trump on Deflategate: ‘Leave Tom Brady alone’

Tom Brady, once again, is facing a four-game suspension for Deflategate, which should have all of New England riled up. Bill Belichick, who is now tasked with getting Jimmy Garoppolo up to speed, should be annoyed. Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who reluctantly accepted the original Deflategate penalties, shouldn’t be happy. And Brady, himself, is probably devastated by the development, even if he’ll be just fine financially.

So, the good news: The three of them can probably congregate at Donald Trump’s place to begin the healing process.

After Brady’s suspension was announced on Monday, Trump took the stage at a campaign event in Rhode Island. The Republican presidential candidate used the chance to defend Brady, telling the crowd, “Leave Tom Brady alone!”

Rhode Island is considered to be within New England. So, Trump’s remark was met with cheers.

Trump’s friendship with Brady isn’t exactly a secret at this point — neither are his close relationships with Kraft and Belichick. So Trump’s public support for Brady shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone really.

Earlier this offseason, Trump even gave Brady some credit for his political success in Massachusetts.

Donald Trump continues to show support for his friend, Tom Brady. (USATSI)